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bed bug help for vet

Help for vet

It is with joy and gratitude that I write this letter. I was recently working with a post-Korean Army veteran who was in a dire situation. The veteran’s home had become infested with bedbugs. The double-amputee’s family was unable to pay for the extermination services and did not know where to turn.

The Ralph H. Johnson VA Medical Center is privileged to have a number of community partner organizations that support our veterans.

Randy Bishop, the owner of All Pro Pest Management, Inc., rose to the occasion and graciously volunteered to help the veteran and his family.

Mr. Bishop provided the veteran with the extermination services at no cost, The cost of these extermination services could have easily exceeded $1,000, yet out of the kindness of his heart, Mr. Bishop rendered the services to a veteran in need.

The Trident Area Agency on Aging stepped up to the plate and furnished the veteran’s family with a new mattress and box springs to ensure there was no risk of recurrent infestation.

I wish to thank our community for coming together to meet the needs of our veterans and to make others aware of the miraculous work being done in our community.

Keneisha Young

Social Work Intern

Ralph H. Johnson V.A. Medical Center – Bee Street – Charleston

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